Cosmo's hot plate welders are suitable for large and complex shape plastic parts welding.

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Hot plate welders are suitable for large, complex shape parts welding.
Cosmo System builds custom hot plate welding systems for joining irregularly shaped semi-crystalline and amorphous thermoplastic materials by radiant or direct contact heat. Hot plate welding is available with pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo-controlled actuation.

ڐGM—n@ Contact Type Hot Plate Welders
Cosmo system builds custom hot plate welders. The standard air cylinder press system, hydraulic press system the parts which need high clumping force, and servo motor driven hot-plate welders are available.
Especially, servo hot plate welder not only reduce the cycle time, but also increase weld strength because of short open phase.

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ڐGM—n@ Non-Contact Type Hot Plate Welders
Non-contact hot plate welders are suitable for thin plastic parts and material which includes glass fibers.
The contactless heating system provides also reducing the down time to clean the heater platen.
Pneumatic or hydraulic press systems are available, but we recomend our servo driven hot plate welder for non-contact hot plate welding.

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