Infrared welder is clean and safe welding technology, and it provides high weld strength as same as hot-plate welding.

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Infrared welders allows high weld strength by no-contact heating. It is safe and clean welding technology!
Infrared welding is one of plastic assembly technology which uses infrared energy. IR energy is emitted by special IR heater, and it heats the plastic parts without contact.

High weld strength and hermetic seal
The machine cycle is similar with hot-plate welding, and it also provides high weld strength.
The material which has high melt temperature, and/or material with glass fiber are also suitable for IR welding.

Good-looking outer view
IR energy is concentrated only to welded surface. Therefore, there is no heat damage for the other part.
Also, there is no small dust which is occured by vibration welding.

Reduce production cost (vs hot-plate welding)
Pre-heating and start-up time is not needed for IR welding. It reduce electric energy consumption, and production cost.
Also, no-contact heating provide minimal cleaning time, tool replacement time. The production down time is drastically reduced!

IR Tool Heating Cycle by Infrared

- Servo Driven Infrared Welder
Servo Driven IR WElder -Small - 3 axis servo drive control
- Temperature measure function after heating
- High efficient heating by special IR emitter
- Actual weld force measure function by load-cell
- Hi/Lo Limit function (temperature, IR power, weld depth, weld force)
- Indivisual IR power control (4ch)
- Multi step IR power control function
- Parts vacuum function
- Data logging function

This system is custom-made, and we design and build the suitable system to match with your request.

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