Cosmo system provides the most suitable ultrasonic wlder for your application.

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We are sure the suitable ultrasonic welder is existing in our various models!
e-Press Electric actuator provides precise and stable plastic welding.
e-Press series

Sonicsf20 and 40 kHz e-Press ultrasonic plastics assembly systems feature a stepper motor drive with optical linear encoder that provides superior precision control with a weld depth tolerance of +/-0.008 mm. Electric stepper motor with ball screw actuator assures repeatable welds to pre-set final weld requirements.

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X-Press series Integrated welder for plastic assembly.
X-press series

We provide new 20 kHz X-Press integrated welder, an all-in-one super-rigid ultrasonic press that combines power, versatility and microprocessor control in one convenient unit.

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20kHz ultrasonic welders The most versatile ultrasonic plastic wleder.
20kHz Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

The most widely used gindustry standardh frequency, suitable for welding a large range of thermoplastic materials and mid-size parts.

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40kHz ultrasonic welders Suitable for welding of small delicate plastic parts.
40kHz Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

The preferred frequency for delicate and small assemblies, such as those found in electronic or medical applications.

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15kHz ultrasonic welders For large plastic parts and crystalline materials.
15kHz Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

The preferred frequency for ultrasonic assembly of medium to large size parts, also especially suitable for softer thermoplastics.

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GX series power supply The most reliable heart of ultrasonic welder
GX Series Ultrasonic Power Supply

GX-Series Power Supplies offer a range of available power from 400 to 4500 watts for our ultrasonic welding presses and actuators in the 40 kHz, 20 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies.

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Ultrasonic hand held welders Compact hand held welders are suitable for staking, and spot welding.
SONICS-H500 series

Compact, portable ultrasonic units for hand assembly operations such as spot welding, staking and inserting.

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OEM components Ultrasonic Components for using in automated system.
OEM Components

Components and kits provide maximum flexibility for systems integrators and special machinery builders for installation into automated systems.

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US tools Our tools are designed by the state-of-the-art computer analyse technology and our abundant experience.
Ultrasonic Welding Tools

Our ultrasonic horns are designed with an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation program that allows our engineers to observe the vibratory action of the horn prior to fabrication.

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