Ultrasonic Metal Welder: SONICS-MW series

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MW series ultrasonic metal welders offer superior performance, versatility and lower operating costs.
SONICS-MW series
Sonics-MW - Patented self-orienting horn and tips permit simple, quick and precise tool change in under one minute.
- Patented one-piece horn/booster with dual nodal mounts assures the optimum efficiency of sonic transmission and eliminates horn deflection.
- Weld quality monitoring is available in time, energy and distance.
- Micrometer adjustment of the anvil height simplifies anvil set up, anvil reconditioning and weld quality.
- Exclusive Sonicsf safety system advances the slide at low force until it is within 1 mm of closure to protect the operator, even with foot pedal operation.
- Heavy duty cylinder and mechanical linkage provides up to 3000 newton force for 20 kHz.

SONICS MW series data sheet
Model MW1530 MW1545 MW1560 MW2020 MW2035 MW2045 MW4005 MW4010
Frequency 15kHz 20kHz 40kHz
Max. Power 3000W 4500W 6000W 2000W 3500W 4500W 500W 1000W
Time Control Available with all models
Energy Control Available with all models
Distance Control Option
Auto Tuning PLL automatic tuning
Amplitude Control Digital setting 20-100%
Limit Function Available with all models
Press Control Analog or Digital(option)

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