Ultrasonic Metal Welding is the ideal process for bonding conductive materials.

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What is the ultrasonic metal welding?
Ultrasonic Metal Welding is the ideal process for bonding conductive materials such as copper, aluminum, brass, gold and silver.
The metal parts are pressed by ultrasonic tool, and both of the parts are gripped by the knurl at the surface of tools. Then, ultrasonic tool vibrates at a frequency of 20 or 40kHz. The parts are scrubbed together under pressure causing surface oils and oxides to be dispersed.
The temperture at welded surface is not increased to melting temperature of the material.

Ultrasonic metal welding is the ideal process for metal bonding like Cu, Al, and Ni.
メタルウェルダーMWシリーズ Ultrasonic Metal Welder: SONICS-MW series
15, 20 and 40 kHz spot welders offer superior performance, versatility and lower operating costs than other technologies. Patented construction provides unsurpassed reliability.

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超音波サーボメタルウェルダー Ultrasonic Servo Metal Welder
Cosmo's servo metal welder provides super precision welding with high stability.
The precise and stable welding is brought by perfectly numeric controlled weld velocity and weld force.

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超音波ワイヤースプライサー Ultrasoic Wire Splicer
Splice wires from 0.5 to 40 mm2. Features fully automatic set-up of all wire sizes; fast, ergonomic operation; total quality monitoring and data logging.

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