Cosmo's vibration welders are suitable for large plastic parts welding.

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Cosmo's linear vibration welders are suitable for large plastic parts welding.
Standard Vibration Welder: MXC-series
Vibration Welder MXC-series Sonicsf MX Series Linear Vibration Welding Systems are designed for assembling large and/or complex-shaped thermoplastic parts, and can also be tooled to assemble multiple smaller parts simultaneously.
The MX Series can be used for vibration welding of virtually all thermoplastic materials, whether injection molded, extruded, formed or thermoformed.

User-friendly color touch panel controller
Main Futures
- Digitally controlled electromagnetic drive system

- Patented automatic frequency tuning

- User friendly color touch screen control panel.

- Three weld control modes are available: Time, distabce and Sonic's patented energy mode.

- Lower tool weight and distance detection.

- Tooling options: mechanical clamping, vacuum assist, Part-In-Place seensors, and etc.

Servo Driven Vibratoin Welder with Special C-type Rigid Frame
ƒT[ƒ{‹ì“®Ž®U“®—n’…‹@ Cosmo System provides special vibration welders which are designed by customer's requirements.
Our original C-type frame construction vibration welder allows operators to access from 3 directions.
Also, the lift table is driven by dual servo motor, and it provides ultra precise destance and velocity control which are impossible by standard hydraulic press system.

This system is custom-made based on customer's requirements. We accept to design and build the special vibration welders for your application.

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